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Accessible Classroom Furniture

Disability Services is committed to ensuring students’ learning environments are accessible. Students who need accessible classroom furniture (e.g. tables, chairs) should notify their Access Specialist in advance by providing their course schedule and classroom locations via email.

Adaptive Recreation

Rec Sports encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services. To learn more about the adaptive recreation services available at OSU, please visit their Adaptive Recreation page

Audio Description

Audio description is a narration service that describes images in videos for individuals who are blind/low vision. Students may request audio description for class materials in a video format. These materials may include in class videos, videos uploaded to Carmen, and out of class required video/movie screenings. Audio description may include an assistant in class, space at Disability Services with an assistant, an assistant for out-of-class viewing, and/or written transcripts. The type of accommodation will be determined based on the class, video, and student need. Students must:

  1. Review the class syllabi to determine class materials which need processed. This must be done on the first day of class or as soon as the syllabi is available (sometimes available on Carmen before the beginning of the semester).

  2. Email the class syllabi and videos to your assigned Access Specialist.

  3. Schedule an appointment with your Access Specialist to discuss options for the audio descript request.


Disability Services will provide video captioning services to registered students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. If a student is receiving interpreting/transcribing services for a course, the instructor is notified in advance that all videos for the course will need to have captions. Registered Deaf/Hard of Hearing students with questions about video captioning should contact the Accessible Media Services Coordinator.

FM Systems

Hard of Hearing students may request an FM Hearing System for use in the classroom environment. The FM System utilizes a microphone and transmitter unit (worn by the instructor) and a receiver and headset (worn by the student). The instructor’s speech is transmitted to the student’s receiver unit (via FM radio signal), and the student has the ability to control volume and other settings.

Students interested in using FM systems should contact their Access Specialist.

Lab Assistants

Students with disabilities which prevent them from being able to complete in-class lab requirements can request a lab assistant. Students should contact their Disability Services Access Specialist in advance to request this accommodation.

Lab assistants will:

  • Perform only those tasks directed by you. They will NOT prompt or guide you in performing a lab task unless the task is dangerous;
  • Act as your hands or eyes, not as your instructor;
  • Inform you ahead of time if unable to attend a session;
  • Receive instruction, if needed, regarding your disability-related needs from you and/or your Access Specialist.

Lab assistants will act only as your hands or eyes. All information about actual lab processes and procedures is your responsibility.

Priority Scheduling

Most students registered through Disability Services receive priority scheduling. This means you may register for classes prior to the start of general registration. Note: This does not apply to registration during freshman/transfer orientation.

When scheduling your courses, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Meet with your academic advisor before your window opens.
  • Research available course offerings in advance so you are prepared once the window opens.
  • Consider your disability-related needs and issues when scheduling.
  • Your Access Specialist is not an academic advisor, but can assist you in balancing your course load to better address your disability needs.

Student Life

Students with disabilities can request accommodations in all areas of student life, including (but not limited to) student organizations, student leadership programs, study abroad, campus programming, student employment, and support services. If you have questions/concerns, please contact your Access Specialist.

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