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Five Tips for Success

Below are five tips for success we recommend to SLDS-registered students. A downloadable bookmark version of these tips is available in the right-hand box on this page, or you are welcome to pick up a bookmark at the SLDS office. 

1. Be Proactive

Request any accommodations you'll need in advance. Pay attention to Student Life Disability Services and university deadlines.

2. Get Organized

Map out the dates for all your assignments and exams. Schedule recurring times to study/work.

3. Advocate for Yourself

Know your strengths and needs and communicate them. Everyone has a right to equal access. If issues arrise, reach out ASAP.

4. Use your Resources

There are so many resources on campus to help you succeed. Not sure where to turn? Ask!

5. Take Care of Yourself

Sleep. Eat well. Exercis regularly. Talk to a friend or mentor. Go for a walk. Find ways to unplug and relax.

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